I grew up in a small town in South Carolina, the daughter of a dance teacher and an Air Force pilot. As a child, I was mesmerized by the jacket cover of a Broadway Hits album that had several show titles framed in Marquis lights. After seeing the sidewalk art scene from Mary Poppins, I ran home, put the album cover on the floor, closed my eyes, and tried to jump into it over and over. I was convinced that if I just believed hard enough, I would open my eyes and be in Times Square.

 I took every opportunity to perform and was cast in several productions at the historic Dock Street Theatre in Charleston, the first building in America to be built exclusively for theatrical performances. I also sang and danced for two seasons at The Crystal Pistol Music Hall at Six Flags Over Georgia and enjoyed every “cheezy” moment of it.

Making my way north, I performed at The Village Dinner Theatre in Raleigh, N.C. for a year in the Equity Apprenticeship Program where I was cast in six classic Musical Theatre ingenue roles, garnering points towards my Equity card.

Next stop, Manhattan! With Equity card in hand, I landed the role of Jan in The Jones Beach Theatre production of Grease and followed that up with the role of Muriel in the Equity Library Theatre production of Take Me Along and Maya in a workshop production of Shaw’s, Simpleton of the Unexpected Aisles at The Lambs Theatre on West 44th Street.

Having finally realized my dream of living and working in Manhattan, I continue to perform and study with numerous acting coaches, including JoAnna Beckson (2 year Meisner Foundation Program); Gene Lasko (scene study);  Kate McGregor-Stewart; and most recently, the great Wynn Handman.

After an unexpected break from acting to focus on my family, I have now returned with more gratitude than ever as I run around the city with each audition and booking in what I endearingly refer to as “The Showbiz Shuffle.”